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Lumimaa Oy / Snowland

The IGLOO RESTAURANT made from snow and ice opened its doors for the first time in the Pöykkölä district of Rovaniemi for the winter season of 1994/1995.

In the beginning there were two igloos with a capacity for 120 visitors. In 1999 the restaurant was expanded, giving space for 270 visitors and the igloo saw construction of its own kitchen. Traditional Lappish buildings, lean-to campfire spots, a Lappish kota hut and nili food cache are also found in the grounds.

Smaller snow and ice constructions, a wedding suite and ice floor disco area, and a large ice bar also decorate the grounds.

Construction of the Igloo Restaurant starts in early November each year and takes approximately four weeks.

Snow is produced using snow cannons and all the ice used – around 60,000 kilograms – is extracted from the adjacent Salmijärvi Lake. Ice is used for making the tables, bar counters and numerous ice sculptures, as well as logos ordered by companies.

The Igloo Restaurant opens in late November/early December and closes during the second week in April.






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